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Lavender has become the farm's signature since our first block of 500 Munstead Lavender planted in 1987. Our first harvest was in 1988 and filled two wheelbarrows! We currently specialize in cultivating Sweet Lavender varieties (Lavandula angustifolia) for its scent and taste. Late blooming Lavender includes the True Spike Lavender (L. latifolia) and the new hybrid Lavadins (L. x intermedias). Each July we watch the emerging hues of blue, mauve and purple as Lavender Harvest time approaches once more. And the fragrance ~ Lavender Lovers come explore our site!

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Dried Lavender

Ordering Information (Minimum order is $25, before shipping.)

harvesting lavender

Dried Lavender
Basic shipping is $25 and includes the cost of shipping materials, boxes & insurance. Keep in mind; although Lavender is light, we are charged "dimensional weight" & for the longer Lavender it is usually a couple of dollars more for extra length of the box.

All Lavender is now Sold Out
The next harvest is July 2017

My Sweet angustifolia Lavender is Harvested every July for fresh Lavender bundles at that time. Dried Lavender bundles are available by August for your cooking & craft projects ~ events & weddings too! Each stored box has 12 bundles, here is today's Stock update:

"Melissa Pink": that dries silver-white, medium length
... 10 boxes left ... Now $3 a bundle
English "Ashdowne Forest Blue": dries silver blue, medium length
... down to 2 boxes ... Now $4 a bundle
Fabulous "Violet Intrigue": purple
... 22 boxes left ... Now $5 a bundle
... ALL these varieties are Angustifolia varieties; great for teas & culinary delights as well as crafts.
(These all were a good handful when fresh, though they do shrink when dried...)

All dried Lavender bundles were $6 each fresh/dried starting at Harvest in July. Generally a box of 12 bundles will ship for $25 total across Canada & the USA with packaging, postage & insurance included. For Vancouver customers the postage is between $15-$20 depending on the bundle count ... (Last fall, I send a double box to Montreal with 24 bundles and the shipping was $35 taping the 2 boxes together)

*Important: All dried Lavender smells stronger when handled.
Squeeze your sachets now & again to break the tiny cell walls on the flower buds and release more naturally stored fragrant oils. Cooking with Lavender, Teas with Lavender or projects like Lavender Bath salts; release the scent/flavour through the action of heat or hot water.
When working with bundles where you are keeping the flower heads intact ~ it is easy to enhance the scent with a few drops of our pure Lavender essential oil discreetly added on the bundles!
A little goes a long way.

lavender bundles


lavender butterfly


Happy Valley Lavender
& Herbs

Victoria, Vancouver Island
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