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Lavender has become the farm's signature since our first block of 500 Munstead Lavender planted in 1987. Our first harvest was in 1988 and filled two wheelbarrows! We currently specialize in cultivating Sweet Lavender varieties (Lavandula angustifolia) for its scent and taste. Late blooming Lavender includes the True Spike Lavender (L. latifolia) and the new hybrid Lavadins (L. x intermedias). Each July we watch the emerging hues of blue, mauve and purple as Lavender Harvest time approaches once more. And the fragrance ~ Lavender Lovers come explore our site!

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Lavender beds
Welcome to Lynda and Michael Dowling's Lavender Farm located
20 minutes out of Victoria on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

And now November arrives...

Stock up on the scent of Summer for projects and gifts using dried Lavender supplies!

We are only out of the shorter dark purple Hidcote bundles now, otherwise a full range of other varieties of dried Lavender bundles are available, still @ $6 each.

Loose Lavender flowers are $10 for a 75gram package plus a range of farm grown cooking blends & tea @ $6 a cello pack...not forgetting classic "Lavender-in-a-bottle": pure Lavender angustifolia essential oil 15ml for $18.

Please email your request to ship @ lynda@happyvalleylavender.com

OR Call ahead for Farm pick-up...LYNDA 250-474-5767


BUNDLES: 6 varieties~ Choose from our medium lengths of purple Violet Intrigue, Ashdowne Forest blue, dainty French Maillette blue OR Melissa pink that dries white...Plus we have a limited amount of long long White or Blue Lavandin bundles.

...............All bundles are $6 each (A box of 20 bundles runs $20-$25 for shipping by expedited POST)

LOOSE Lavender flowers:...Our $10 packages hold 3 cups for baking or crafts. All food grade "Hidcote"-"Munstead" angustifolia blend. Bonus: nice & dark flower bud colour to "bleed" for jellies or syrups!

***NEW this year*** Strewing Lavender for bridal pathways! This is all the loose bits from brushing off the blooms & the bottom of the gathering sheets: $25 a big brown grocery bag (...this does include leaf/some broken stems)PLUS We have some Lavender bare stems for Smudge sticks: $10 for a bag full.

For orders please call Lynda at 250-474-5767 or email lynda@happyvalleylavender.com to arrange pick up or to ship, as the farm visits are by appointment only please. Thank you!

Meanwhile, the classic recipe of the season!


This recipe is originally from the 1930's~ not that they ever envisioned I would add lavender to it…I must confess the first time I made them was with fresh Rose petals: Lavender came next! Use any colour of Sweet Lavandula angustifolia varieties…                                                Set oven @ 325F                             

1 cup butter

1/2 cup icing sugar

1/4 cup cornstarch, scant

1 1/2 cups white flour

1 TBSP Lavender “tea”*…or Limoncello liqueur or plain lemon juice

3 TBSP fresh Sweet Lavender flower buds or 2 TBSP dried


(…In the past I did this step by step…Cream butter, flowers & flower water. Add icing sugar bit by bit, then blended flour with cornstarch. The idea is to keep the dough light & full of air when blending…)

***THE QUICK METHOD: Briefly pulse fresh/dried Lavender with the dry ingredients in a food processor, then add all other ingredients and whiz until it forms a tube of dough! Remove from food processor & continue…

 Divide dough into two portions on wax paper, rolled into a "snake" shape, best diameter is approx 1 1/2 inches. Chill rolled dough half an hour. (Dough rolls can be frozen, thaw slightly before slicing to bake.)

Slice into 1/2 inch rounds, place on parchment paper on tray to bake.

Bake 20 minutes or until bottoms golden. Do not over bake.

Cool on rack before handling to firm up. 

Note #1: To make flower “tea”; pour ½ cup of boiling water over 2-3 TBSP fresh or dried flowers in a mug, set a saucer on the top, steep 10 minutes, strain & measure liquid “tea” for your recipe.

Note #2: For Rose petal Shortbread cookies; best use fresh, highly scented, organic heritage Rose petals (like a deep coloured Rugosa) to make your own “Rosewater” as above. Freeze dough for winter baking.

                                             …Extra lovely at Christmas for the taste of Summer!



Happy Valley Lavender
& Herb Farm

Victoria, Vancouver Island
BC, Canada


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